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10 Ways In Which You Can Learn Biology Better

Although most students like to read biology and find it comparatively easier than other science subjects there are others who consider this to be difficult.

But it won’t be difficult anymore for here are 10 ways in which you can study biology better and in an easy way.

Break down complex words into their roots

You might find the vocabulary of biology complicated and difficult to spell. However, most words in this subject come from Latin and have a prefix and suffixes. Knowing the prefixes and suffixes that compose the terms can help you spell difficult words and grasp their meaning.

Create vocabulary word flashcards

One of the greatest ways to learn the definitions of the numerous words you'll encounter in biology is by using flashcards. They are portable, so you can study them whenever you choose. It's a good idea to review your flashcards while driving to school.

Draw and label diagrams

Sketching a diagram of a biological process can be a simpler way to learn the concept than just reading about it. If you really understand it, you should be able to draw the entire process and label all the important aspects. Study the diagrams that are in your textbook as well.

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Before the lesson, read the textbook

Biology is a subject that cannot be fully understood in the brief time that you are in class. You will get a head start on the ideas and will be aware of what is coming up if you read the material before it is addressed in class. You will learn about the issues in the text, and you will benefit much from the class if you are prepared with questions based on your reading.

Learn concepts from general to specific

Understanding biology requires that you have a general understanding of the broad concepts before you can really get into the details. Really master the broad topics before trying to comprehend the details of how they work.

In each chapter's closing questions, provide your answers

At the conclusion of each chapter in biology textbooks, there are some excellent questions that help you review the key ideas you need to comprehend. See how many of the questions you can successfully respond to. Make a note of the inquiries that are more challenging to respond to. Reread that section of the chapter or go back and review your notes on these subjects.

Review your notes within a day of each lecture

Avoid walking out of class and forgetting about everything you just learned. Reviewing your notes later that evening or the next day can help you synthesize what you have learned. When reviewing, ask yourself if everything makes sense.

Set aside time to study biology particularly

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Many students find biology challenging, therefore you must put in the effort to succeed. You will develop the good habit of regularly studying biology if you set aside time for it every night or every other night. When you don't have to study for the exam since you have been reviewing everything all along, you will be grateful to yourself.

Use mnemonic devices

Creating mnemonic devices can be really helpful when studying biology. For instance, you could create a mnemonic to help you remember the order of the substrates in the Krebs cycle.

Study old quizzes and exams before tests

If you have access to exams from previous years, try taking them and see how much of you get right. If you don't have access to these, study your quizzes and previous tests for an idea of the types of questions you will get asked

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Source: 10 Ways In Which You Can Learn Biology Better

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