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Manatee munching in the St. Johns across from Blue Springs, SP, Orange City

While on a Manatee Kayaking Tour at Blue Springs, SP, Orange City I came across this amazing mammal munching out on a mass of water hyacinth in the St. Johns river.

I just love how the hyacinth just caves around this hungry fellow.

I also was amused by the Snowy Egret's as they hung out on the backs of manatees to get their feed on while the manatee stirs up the river beds below them. The sad part of this picture is seeing where this particular manatee obviously got struck by the prop of a boat motor. :(

Snowy Egret riding the back of a Manatee with obvious boat propeller scars.

This is the day I realized I must have been a manatee in a previous life. I love the water, I don't like cold and there's nothing more appetite pleasing than an endless salad bar.

Kayaking with Manatees near Blue Springs, State Park in Orange City, FL near DeLand, Orlando, Daytona


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